Car Wash @ Monthly Subscription

CMoTo provides affordable car washing service in Delhi NCR with verified cleaners and minimum water utilization.

On-Demand Car Detailing Service

CMoTo shall provide you with Exterior plus Interior Car Detailing service from polishing and glass cleaning to perfuming and interior vacuuming.

On Demand Car Repair/Service

From washing, top-ups to Oil Filter Replacements and more, CMoTo Car service takes care of all. Repairs are taken care of with the same service.

1. Car Wash @ Monthly Subscription

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Exterior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

2. On-Demand Car Detailing Service

A thorough car detailing process consists of a well-done cleaning of the car whether it’s the car interior cleaning or the exteriors.

Exterior Car Detailing

Car Washing

The exterior car detailing process begins with an intensive washing using ph-neutral car shampoo. The car shampoo is allowed to foam enough so that the accumulated mud gets soft enough to be rinsed off.

Rubbing & Polishing

After cleaning the car in every manner the process of car polishing is performed. The original polish on the paint surface is removed and a new protective wax coat is applied either manually or using machines.

Paint Sealing

Paint sealing is done to protect the car using purpose-made car sealant or car wax. This is done to restore the brand new showroom shine of the car that it might’ve lost over the years.

Interior Car Detailing

The interior detailing is a much longer and detailed process. The interior detailing process is much more extensive and involves cleaning, vacuuming, dashboard polishing etc.

Interior Vacuuming

The entire car is cleaned using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from the tightest of areas. The AC vents are cleaned as well.

Brushing & Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and scrubbing are done for the car’s upholstery, the mats etc. The leather covers are cleaned using a leather cleaner and polished for a better look and so that it is protected from any stains and damage.

Glass Cleaning

The glasses are cleaned using a glass cleaner in order to ensure that the glass is squeaky clean and does not hinder the driver’s view and makes the car look shiny and clean.


Perfuming is done after vacuuming the car once again.

3-Hours Long Service

3. On-Demand
Car Repair/Service

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